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Scotty Emerick, Sittin' Pretty Chords

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Scotty Emerick - Sittin' Pretty (Chords)

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                Intro: (A D A D) x 2

Verse 1:

       F#m                         A
We got sixty-seven dollars that we socked away
       F#m                        A
Coffee can on the counter for an I.R.A
          F#m                  A
Gonna get soakin' wet on that rainy day
    B7                D                     E
But I, I really don't mind, If you're by my side


      A Bm D       E
Honey I'm, sittin' pretty
A           Bm          D            E
High on the hog with my feet propped up
         A            Bm 
Yeah the swing on the porch or 
F#m7        D                D C# C B
parked on a bench in the city
                        D       E       A Bm D E
Long as you're with me, I'll be sittin' pretty

Verse 2:

        F#m                         A
Love to fly you to Bermuda but it's just too hard
       F#m                     A
On our minimum balance and our maxed out card
          F#m                     A
Could you settle for a getaway in our backyard
      B7                     D                       E
Got a pair, of matchin' lawn chairs and a blanket to share

As long as you're there

(Repeat Chorus)


F#m          C#    B                        D D# E
Good, Pretty Fine, Pretty darn lucky you're mine

(Repeat Chorus)

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