, Backin' to Birmingham Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Backin' to Birmingham Tabs, Chords

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- Backin' to Birmingham (Chords)

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(C) Read an ad in (G7) Chicago's Sunday (C) paper 
Help wanted semi (G7) driver needed (C) bad
I (F) walked in I said I'd like to see the (C) foreman 
I (D7) told him all the experience that I (G7) had 
He said (C) son you're (G7) just the man I (C) needed 
Handed me the (G7) keys and shook my (C) hand 
He (F) pointed to the truck and said I'll (C) see you 
(G7) Take that load of steel to Birmin'-(C) ham.

Well I (F) finally got inside and got it started 
Put it into gear and started (C) backin' (F) up 
Tried every way to get it goin' forward
Oh, but (D7) I ain't never drove a big old (G7) truck 
Well it (C) wasn't easy (G7) backin' through the (C) traffic 
And I'll bet I'm the (G7) first truck drivin' (C) man 
That (F) ever left Chicago in a (C) semi 
And (G7) backed it all the way to Birgin'-(C) ham.

Well, the police pulled me over down in Nashville
What do you think you're doin', I just smiled 
I said I just got tired of goin' forward 
And I thought I'd drive it backwards for a while 
I backed it in a truck stop and said fill it
And check the oil, it probably needs a can 
Oh, he said tell me which way are you backin' 
I said I'm backin' south to Birmin'ham. 


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