Jeffrey Foucault, Battle Hymn Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jeffrey Foucault, Battle Hymn Tabs, Chords

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Jeffrey Foucault - Battle Hymn (Chords)

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Capo I

Intro: (G)(Em)(C) . . . (G)(D)(C)

(G)The humble sky is (Em)falling down
On (C)golden mother (G)May
The sun in shadows (D)rising
Paints the (C)dawning break of day
(G)And you could ask ten (D)thousand times
(C)How come I left that day
(G)But the answer won't (D)change your mind
And (C)I've got nothing (D)else to (G)say

Mine (D)eyes have seen the glory Of that (C)ragged flag un(G)furled
And I wonder when the (Em)light of the last
(C)Honest man passed from this weary world and they say
(G)Home is where the (D)heart is
(C)My home ain't in this town
I build (G)walls just to (D)climb them
(C)Climb them just so you can help me (G)down
Help me (D)down
Help me (C)down

(G)Hear me oh (D)hear me
(C)These times they grow faint
(G)And the years spring up (D)new like (C)the In(C/B)dian (Am)paint
(G)Our dreams they suc(D)ceed us
(C)Our children we taint
(G)Pray for my (D)soul (C)the times (D)they grow (G)faint


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