Gabe Caughron, Time Machine Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gabe Caughron, Time Machine Tabs, Chords

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Gabe Caughron - Time Machine (Chords)

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Time Machine
written by Gabe Caughron
Em          C       D        G/F#
I've got a key to a time machine
        Em          C              D       
That I keep hidden way back in my mind
Em         C          D           G/F#
I close my eyes and drift so far away
Em                  C                     D
And I lose myself in a better place and time

I see myself in a little Texas town
With my grandpa tellin' stories about the day
Honeysuckle and a porchswing, I was eight years old
I thought he would live forever, it didn't work that way

         Em    C              D          G/F#
And it goes forever, the pictures in my mind
            Em        C                   D
They were taken long ago but not hard to find
     Em        C                 D          G/F#
We can be back together if only for a short time
           Em              C           D
This old time machine is Texas bound, hop on in, I'll take you for a ride

Sometimes I'll go to a place I've only dreamed
But I know I'll wind up there someday
There's singin' angels on the corner of every street
That are made of gold so you can find your way

Repeat Chorus


Gabe Caughron Tabs & Chords

Gabe Caughron Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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  1. Gabe Caughron - Time Machine Chords
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