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The Grascals, Me And John And Paul Chords

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The Grascals - Me And John And Paul (Chords)

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                G                                Am
Johnny lived next door to me and Paul lived down the block

D                              C        G
We'd meet each day at my house sharp at six oclock

We'd race our bikes to school and Paul would win

D                                     C                    G
Johnny said that cause we're nine and Paul had just turned ten

First day of High School on my way to my first class

D                                C               G
Three football players said they wouldn't let me pass

I set my books down and I rolled up my sleeve

D                             C                G
And then I noticed there were two boys next to me


       C       D       G
It was me and John and Paul

         C           D    G
The best friends you ever saw

        C       D       Em
All for one and one for all

       C       D       G
It was me and John and Paul

I wonder why they call it graduation day

D                            C           G
It's more like a funeral for youth thats passed away

Paul said he's leaving for the Army in two weeks

D                               C         G
Johnny said lets go to town and make some memories



Years later I heard Paul came back from the Gulf War

D                         C         G  
I flew up to Tennessee to visit him once more

It didn't shock me none to hear that he'd been brave

D                          C             G
He lost his own life but another one he saved

I waited by a tree till everyone had left

D                        C                  G
And I went up to say a prayer where my pal slept

And then I heard a voice I hadn't heard in years

D                               C                G
I didn't need to turn around I knew just who was there


repeat chorus 

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