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Lee Greenwood, Somebody's Gonna Love You Chords

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Lee Greenwood - Somebody's Gonna Love You (Chords)

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                Key of G
Intro:  G, Em, G, D, C

G 	  	    Em
Lonely lady living down the hall
G 	  	    Em
Don't you have any friends at all
G 	  	  	 Em
I never hear a knocking at your door
G 	  	  	    Em 	   C
Could it be you just don't try anymore?
 	     G  C    G 	   C
You've been hurt so seriously
G 	    C 	  	     G 	     C
You act so cold but it's so easy to see
 	  G   C    G         C
You're a waste of real good love
Am 	  	  	   D
But you can't hide or run fast enough

    C 	  	  G 	  D  C 	  	  	   G   D  
Somebody's gonna love you,     no matter what you do
    C 	  	  G 	       Am 	   D 	  Em
Somebody's gonna find all the pieces of a broken heart
C 	  	  D
Hidden inside of you
    C 	  	  G 	    C 	  	  	   Em
Somebody's gonna touch you, it's just a matter of time
 	  	 C 	  	       D 	  	     C 	  	 G  C  Em C
And if you're ever gonna try love again, it might as well be mine

G 	  	      Em
I know exactly how a heartache feels
G 	  	  	  Em
It's gonna take a little time to heal
G 	  	  	  Em
Why must you hide away inside yourself
G 	  	  	   Em      C
You could mean so much to someone else
      G   C 	  	  G 	    C
Every night while you're sittin' at home
G 	    C 	  	      G    C
You may be lonely but you're not alone
 	  G 	 C 	       G 	  	  C
There's a whole world full of people out there
Am 	  	  	 D
Waiting on someone like you to care


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