Hampton R W, Cimarron Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Hampton R W, Cimarron Tabs, Chords

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Hampton R W - Cimarron (Chords)

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I think its way past time to start a file on R.W. Hampton. He writes most of
his own songs and he writes some good ones. If you like cowboy music I think
you'll R.W.


(C) It is like a (F) wild and beautiful (C) woman
With the (Dm) wind blowin through her (G) hair
And it comes to me, in my (C) dreams
And I (G)  find myself (F) wanting to be (C) there

Cimar (F) ron, Cimar (C) ron from (Dm7) you
I've been long (G) gone
But I know that, you are (C) waiting
For (G) me to come (F) home Cimar (C) ron

Words like (F) Miranda and Rey-ah (C) go
Sangre De (Dm) Christo and Beau-be (G) on
Words like do you still love (C) me
And are (G) you coming (F) home once (C) again


(C) As I ride across that (F) old mountain (C) pass
And I (Dm) see you there be (G) low
Like a wild and beautiful (C) woman
You (G) beckon  me with your soft (C) hello


Hampton R W Tabs & Chords

Hampton R W Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Hampton R W
Buy Hampton R W CD

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