Wayne Hancock, 87 Southbound Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Wayne Hancock, 87 Southbound Tabs, Chords

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Wayne Hancock - 87 Southbound (Chords)

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87 Southbound by Wayne Hancock

Well, I caught you with him on those damn, slick, sticky satin sheets
       A                    B7             E
Then I packed my things and then I hit the streets
E                      B7
87 southbound to San Antone
Youíve got your baby, I got got no home
E                              A
The pavements burning down at 102  
                E              B7                      E 
I donít need to hear no more excuses that I donít need you

E                              B7
Lord, the sun keeps beating me down
And itís hotter than hell
    B7                                               E
And if Iím lucky Iíll catch a ride but you can never tell
    A                                           E   
Iíd rather be here with the bugs and flies than back there hearing your alibis
I heard all that Iím gonna hear you say
Iím gonna take my pride and go the other way

87 southbound to San Antone
Itís getting late out, Iím 40 miles from home
The rain keeps falling like the tears in my eyes
Iím just trying to wash away all the hurt from all your lies

Lightning streaks across the evening sky 
And if Iím lucky Iíll make it big or lay right down and die.
I know when the morning comes Iíll still be a walking son of a gun
And afternoon comes rolling around
Iíll have ten more miles and one more town

87 southbound to San Antone
Youíve got your baby, Iíve got no home
The pavements burning at 92
I donít need to hear no more excuses and I donít love you.
I donít need to hear no more excuses and I donít love you.

Hancock Wayne Tabs & ChordsHancock Wayne Lyrics

Hancock Wayne Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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