Phil Hartman, The Note Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Phil Hartman, The Note Tabs, Chords

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Phil Hartman - The Note (Chords)

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The NOTE written, composed & all that by Phil Hartman  2/2001 
Gunter, Texas 75058


This song is syncopated picking. wd = walk down Em -wd is to Am



[C ]Sat down to write [Em wd] a note to you today [Am]


[C] Forgot I couldnt [Em wd] think of what to say [ Am]


[F] And when I [G] remembered, [C] I saw it [Em]float [Am]away 


[F]Sat down to write a [G]note to you [C]today



[C]The wind outside is [Em.wd] blowin mighty [Am]hard


[C]Sending things [Em wd] flying thru the [Am] yard


[F] I still might [G]remember [C wd Em Am] before the day is [Am] thru


[F] And finish up the [G] note I [C Em Am]tried to write to [Am]you





[F] I got words in my [G]mind


[C]And a [Em wd] guitar in my [Am] hands


[F] If they dont [G] sound just right


[C] Will you [Em wd Am] understand?



[C] Time is rarely [Em wd]on your [Am] side


[C] But I dont have [Em wd] anything else to [Am] hold and bide


[F] If it takes [G]forever, [C Em Am] but most things rarely [Am]do


[F]Maybe I can [G] finish [C]what I [Em]tried to [Am] do




[C] There is something [Em wd] I was thinking of when I came [Am] in here


[C] I tried to sleep [Em wd] and lost  [Am] these words rang in my ear



[F] Before I rest I [G] have to find a [C Em] way to get [Am] thru


[F] And finish what I [G] started, the [C]note Im[Em] writin to [Am]you



[C] Sat down to [Em wd]write a note to you [Am] today


[C] Now its nearly [Em wd] midnite, my thoughts never [Am] stay


[F] Except for [G] just one thing [C Em] that keeps on coming [Am]thru


[F]In my note I [G] would have [C Em]said that darlin I [Am]love you.




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