Ray Wylie Hubbard, Dangerous Spirits Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Dangerous Spirits Tabs, Chords

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Ray Wylie Hubbard - Dangerous Spirits (Chords)

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Intro: [D]

Dangerous spirits are at large in the hills
cold dark wings is in the air
[D]                        [G]
some have been lost to the shadows within the light
[D]         [A]              [D]
some are beyond the reach of prayer

I myself have stood with the ravens in the rain
a darkness in my heart and a younger face
[D]                                   [G]
and with a stolen chestnut mare and a blue navy colt
      [D]              [A]                [D]
I was above the law outside the bounds of grace

With a pistol in my hand and no kindness in my eyes
I wore these as a badge high in fashion
[D]                             [G]
but I had to walk away from the powder and the flame
    [D]            [A]         [D]
the reason was not fear it was compassion
I let my revolver fall from my hands
and put on the coat of a pilgrim
[D]                          [G]
now there is more to me than between my hat and boots
        [D]         [A]            [D]
and the treasures I own no one can steal them


Now I stand in the dirt with the dust on my boots
the road that I choose is less travelled
[D]                       [G]
the flag that I follow is full of holes and torn
        [D]                [A]          [D]
and its sacred threads can never be unraveled

And I have met a woman who is in my breath and bones
she's at ease in either calico or leather
[D]                             [G]
she prays to a god who does not hurt or hate
    [D]               [A]         [D]
she wears earrings of crystals and feathers


Since I left my revolver in the dirt
I have known peace since that hour
[D]                   [G]
and now I see my life passing before my eyes
     [D]   [A]            [D]
as a petal falling from a flower

Ah but there are dangerous spirits are at large in the hills
cold dark wings is in the air
[D]                        [G]
some have been lost to the shadows within the light
[D]         [A]              [D]
some are beyond the reach of prayer

Outro solo

Hubbard Ray Wylie Tabs & ChordsHubbard Ray Wylie Lyrics

Hubbard Ray Wylie Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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