Con Hunley, Blue Suede Blues Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Con Hunley, Blue Suede Blues Tabs, Chords

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Con Hunley - Blue Suede Blues (Chords)

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Con Hunley
2010, IMMI Records
9:58 PM 2/21/2011

Capo 3rd Fret (To Match Recording)

INTRO: (G) (G) (G) (G)

We've (G) put alot of quarters in the jukebox
Playin' them ol' 45's (G7)
(C) I see you like to listen to the old ones, (G) too
Don't it make you think of the old days
Don't it make you feel alive (G7)
(C) I'm wishin' I could slip back it time with (G) you
I've got a (D) '55 Chevy in the parking lot,
And (C) ooooh (D) oooh

  I got them (G) Blue (C) Suede (D) Bluesse
  I wanna (G) run up to the attic 
  And (C) dig out my dancing (D) shoes
  I got them (G) Blue (C) Suede (D) Bluesse
  And I've been (Am) looking for a BeeBop (D) Baby
  Just like (Em) you
  To help me lose
  These (C) Blue (D) Suede (G) Blues

We can sneak into the drive-in movie
But we don't need to see the show
I bet backseat love's as sweet as it used to be
Later we can cruise down Maine Street
Singin' to the radio
Park by the lake and wait for the submarines
We can make those windows steam
If you know what I mean...

Repeat Chorus Twice

Hunley Con Tabs & Chords

Hunley Con Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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