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Brett James, Dark Side Of The Moon Chords

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Brett James - Dark Side Of The Moon (Chords)

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                Capo 2nd Fret (To Match Recording) 
Intro: (A) (D) (E) (F#m) (D) (E) 
It's late at (F#m) night and I'm (D) lying (E) here 
And the (A) only (E/G#) sound I (F#m) hear 
Is the (D) sound of a (E) song 
Blowing (F#m) in on the (D) wings of the (E) wind 
Down the (A) road and (E/G#) round the (F#m) bend 
And through the (D) window to my (E) room 
(D) I'm miles from town and I (Esus) lie here all a(E)lone 
(D) I know exactally where that (Esus) music's coming (E) from 
 	 On the (A) darkside (D) of the (E) moon 
 	 Where there's a (F#m) neon sign 
 	 Outside an (D) old sal(E)oon 
 	 Across a (A) crowded, (D) smoke filled (E) room 
 	 You can (F#m) hear a band, bang out a (D) country (E) tune 
 	 (D) Where Hank and Patsy still do (E) 7 shows a week 
 	 (D) And I can hear them sing (E) to me 
 	 From the dark side of the (A) moon 
Repeat Intro 
Years a(F#m)go I'd (D) spend my (E) time 
Chasin' (A) fire(E/G#)flies all (F#m) night 
Out be(D)yond that old (E) barn 
When in the (F#m) wind, after (D) daddy'd gone (E) in 
And I was (A) all al(E/G#)one ag(F#m)ain, somewhere (D) out on that (E) farm 
(D) I'd hear a fiddle cryin' (Esus) through the willow (E) trees 
(D) I knew that up there, Hank was (Esus) callin' (E) me 
Repeat Chorus 
(D) I know it's crazy but I (Esus) swear it's (E) true 
(D) If you'd only listen close, you'd (Esus) hear it, (E) too 
Repeat Chorus 
Fade out...

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