Jason Isbell, Streetlights Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jason Isbell, Streetlights Tabs, Chords

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Jason Isbell - Streetlights (Chords)

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Intro and Verse if you want to pick it


G                       Am
Whereís that angel with dirty knees
           C                            G
Who wasnít hard to please when we first met
G                      Am
She donít act like she needs me now
              C                 G
And she donít even seem to be upset

Maybe I cover too much ground,
I move from town to town since I grew up
Could my dreams take up to much space?
Iíll never find a place thatís big enough

Same chords for the verse throughout the song

    Em                   D
The chairs are up on the bar now
        Em              D
And the table lights go black
     Em              D
So I order one last double
And start calling people back

Marc sounds good, heís been working hard
Couldnít punch a card to save his life
Sayís heís glad that he quit the road
He sayís heís gettiní old and missed his wife
Little Emís been asleep since 9
Iím sure sheís doiní fine, she always is
Dad wonít answer his phone at night
But I guess thatís alright, the place is his

The chairs are up on the bar now
And theyíre askiní me to leave
So I give the girl a bill
And start rolliní down my sleeves

In my pocket, directions back
Across the railroad tracks, to where I crash
Maybe I should wave down a car
I wonít be goiní far, and I have cash
Think I blocked just a park away
But I canít really say, itís been all night
How I wish you could call me here
You just disappeared, it wasnít right

And the Streetlights help a little
But theyíre barely have alive
I donít feel much like walkiní
I sure as hell canít drive

Close your eyes and remember this
It wonít be back again, itís almost gone
Even times that donít seem like much
Will be your only crutch, when your alone
Time moves slow when youíre seventeen
And then it picks up steam at twenty-one
Pretty soon youíll remember when
You could remember when, you loved someone

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Jason Isbell Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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