Kendalls, The Pittsburgh Stealers Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Kendalls, The Pittsburgh Stealers Tabs, Chords

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Kendalls - The Pittsburgh Stealers (Chords)

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The Pittsburgh Stealers
Written by Larry Kingston & Jim Rushing
Recorded by The Kendalls

Intro.:  --- |(G) |(D) |(A) |(D) |(D) |

(D)Found myself in Pittsburgh (G) working in a (D)steel mill
(G) And I was a (D)southern girl who's husband didn't (A)see
Well, (D)he pulled the night shift, (G) now I worked the (D)day shift
(G) And it came too (D)easy for (A)us to play the (D)game

They could (D)call us (G) the Pittsburgh (D)stealers
Stealing happiness and cheating anytime we (A)can
We both (D)know the score but (G)we run (D)back for more (G)
And to-(D)night the Pittsburgh (A)stealers play a-(D)gain

Inst.:  |(G) |(D) |(A) |(D) |(D) |

(D)No one will ever find us with a (G)night of love be-(D)hind us
(G) On a back street in (D) Pittsburgh time after (A) time
Just (D)touch and go loving (G) running from (D)pattern
(G) And every time we (D)meet we leave it all (A) wrong to-(D)night

Repeat Chorus

(G)And to-(D)night the Pittsburgh (A)stealers play a-(D)gain

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