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Drew Kennedy, Vapor Trails Chords

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Drew Kennedy - Vapor Trails (Chords)

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                Capo 5

G                             C               G
Ten mile west of nowhere with nowhere left to go
Em                 C                     D               
Flat on my back as airplanes track their way out to the coast
C                     D                        Em
I don’t know why they paint the sky with their vapor trails
         C                                   D   
Maybe if all else fails they can follow them home

Chorus 1:
                          Em   C
And if they can why can’t yo-o-o-o-o-u
       G              D/F# 
Take a look up at the sky
        Em    C          D 
You can cho-o-ose from a hundred lines
                Em  C
That’s what I’d do 
     G                D/F#             Em       C   D 
If I couldn’t find my way back home to yo-o-o-o-o-u

I believe in angels but I don’t believe in ghosts
I’d rather fly if I’m gonna die than haunt this house alone
If I were out there on a wing and prayer and I could see 
Some of the wings I’d let them lead me back home.

Chorus 2:
And if I could why can’t you
Take a look up at the sky
I would use any help that I could get
That’s what I’d do
If I couldn’t find my way back home to you, back home to you.

Chorus 2

Back home to you, back home to you, back home to you.

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