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Chris Knight, Love And A 45 Chords

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Chris Knight - Love And A 45 (Chords)

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Chris Knight    Love And A 45  written by Chris Knight
                                          Fred Eaglesmith

Chris Knight     vocals/guitar
Kenny Greenberg  fuzz guitar
Glenn Worf       bass
Chad Cromwell    drums
Russ Paul        steel guitar
Tammy Rogers     viola
Marilyn Martin   background vocals

F#  G#m   E   B

F#           G#m
Badge number 301
E                   B              F#
Sits in his car and stares at his gun
He wipes the the blood from his shirt
The sweat from his brow
       E                     B 
He got out this time but he don't know how
     E                       B
Well he'd go on  home but nobody's there
F#                B
No one to hold no one to care
F#               G#m
There was a time he had someone
        E                   B            
But one day he  came home  she was gone
G#m        E
Love and a 45 
F#                      B
Are all you need to get thru the night
G#m                    E
One'll kill you one'll keep you alive 
F#         B
Love and a 45
F#            G#m 
Parole number fourteen two
E                             B      F#             
Stands on the corner like she used to do
F#                                 G#m
She's been away awhile so she's a little afraid
         E                           B
And the judge said he didn't want to see her again
     E                        B
But she's got no money she's got no rent
    F#                  B
The money she had is already spent
        F#                      G#m
Cause a couple of weeks ago she learned her lesson
E                                 B
Went and brought herself a little Smith and Wesson
G#m        E
Love and a 45 
F#                      B
Are all you need to get thru the night
G#m                    E
One'll kill you one'll keep you alive 
F#         B
Love and a 45

G#m E F# B  G#m E  F#  G#m

B       F#            C#m                      E
At 3:15 he got a call somebody heard a scream behind a wall
     B             F#
At a little motel down by the bay
     C#m                     E                    
But before he got there they got away

F#  G#m  E  B

F#                            G#m
Well she was all right just a little roughed up
      E                    B      F#             
So he took her down to the coffee shop
    F#                    G#m
The report he filed said  victim unknown
        E                   B
Now she waits up nights for him to come  home
G#m        E
Love and a 45 
F#                      B
Are all you need to get thru the night
G#m                    E
One'll kill you one'll keep you alive 
F#         B
Love and a 45
G#m        E
Love and a 45 
F#                      B
Are all you need to get thru the night
G#m                    E
One'll kill you one'll keep you alive 
F#         B
Love and a 45

>From Chris Knight "Chris Knight"
Decca Records 1998 
Bash Music)

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