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Ben Kweller, In Other Words Chords

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Ben Kweller - In Other Words (Chords)

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Dm   A#
Dm   A#

Dm            C             A#          Gm       
another night slips away in other words i should say
A#                 F                   A#            A#C  
there are no words he should say there are no words
Dm            C                 A#               Gm       
in his eyes i see the fear that only time should disappear
A#                 F        A# 
if only time could reappear now's the time 
C            A#        F      A#      F        A#       C
something to take it away, to take it away, to take it
A#           F     A#           F     A#             A7
don't let it stay, don't let it stay, don't let it

A#         F    C             Gm         
the butterflies are passive-agressive and put their
A#          F                      C
problems on the shelf, but they're beautiful
A#        F       C                     Gm         
and he'll realize the only thing that's real
                  A#                 F                 C
are the kids that kid themselves and the demise of the beautiful
what is beautiful?

back into the next verse

A#                      F                  C                                     
it starts stopping when it stops stopping, it starts stopping when it stops 
A#                      F                  C                   Gm
it starts stopping when it stops stopping, it starts stopping, YEAH.

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