, Old Screen Door Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Old Screen Door Tabs, Chords

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- Old Screen Door (Chords)

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Old Screen Door

G          	  	 Am
I like the sound of an old screen door
D                               G
a sound you don't hear all that much anymore
G                               Am
the sound that it makes in the west Texas wind
D                               G
the patterns it makes when the sun shines in

G                                     Am
Thats why most of the memories that I hold in store
D                             G
All seem to hinge on that ol screen door
G                        Am
A slap and a squeak, a scrape on the floor
D                              G
Its the sound of the ol screen door

With partners like groceries, close off the line
My grandpa when he's had himself too good a time
Theres kids wanting out dogs wanting in 
All doing the screen door dance again

now theres a hole in the screen had to be patched
Lets in the breeze and it keeps out the flys
my momma's been cooling some apricot pies


Well my momma used to say Larry Joe if your too sick
for school your too sick to play
Can't count the times that door gave me away
You couldn't slip out, you couldn't sneak in
that ol screen door was my mommas best friend


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