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Lee Hazelwood, Run Boy Run Chords

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Lee Hazelwood - Run Boy Run (Chords)

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                First tab ever. Correct me if im wrong, but it sounds right to me.

First verse:
A 	    D  A               E
you were born by, the railroad tracks
A 	        D           A                E
never knew your ma and your, pa aint commin back
A 	       D   A              E
had to make your way, the best you can
D 	  	  	     E         A
but you didnt have to steal from a, another man

A 	 D     A 	E
run boy run boy run boy run,
A 	      D 	       A       E
theyre gonna get you boy run boy run
A 	       D           A       E
theyre gonna catch you boy run boy run
D 	       E 	A
run boy run boy run boy run

Second verse:
you think your a man cuz your, 21
shot a man for nohtin and awaaay you run
wanted in most every state from here to tennessee
and if your caught you'll do your runnin hangin from a tree


Third Verse:
storm clouds lookin down, from the sky
hangmans noose swingin on a, tree near by
a verse on a tombstone that wont be read by you
says his runnins done at 21, he wont see 22


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  1. Lee Hazelwood - Run Boy Run Chords
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