Hank Locklin, Let Me Be The One Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Hank Locklin, Let Me Be The One Tabs, Chords

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Hank Locklin - Let Me Be The One (Chords)

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Recorded by: Hank Locklin
Writers: W. S. Stevenson, P. Blevins & J. Hobson

INTRO: [Notes/chords of last line of first verse]

[C] Let Me Be The One to walk with you
[G] When you want somebody to talk with you
Any-[D] thing that makes you happy, I wanta do
Oh darlin', Let Me Be The [G] One. [C] 

Let Me Be The One who means the most
The one you want to love and call your own
And when you choose your partner
I want to be the choice
Oh please, Let Me Be The One.

Let Me Be The One to set with you
And when you want some lovin'
I'll know just what to do
Lots and lots of huggin' and a kiss or two
You've gotta Let Me Be The One.

Let Me Be The One to take you out
To your fav'rite places, you have no doubt
And when the evening's gone, with a kiss goodnight
Oh please, Let Me Be The One.

Let Me Be The One to share with you
All your little pleasures and sorrows, too
In all kind of weather, I want to be with you
Oh please, Let Me Be The One.

Let Me Be The one to hold your hand
When the preacher says, "Do you take this man?"
All those happy thoughts, will mean so much fun
If you'll only Let Me Be The One.


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