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Chad Lodge, Backin Down Tabs, Chords

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Chad Lodge - Backin Down (Chords)

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Backin' Down - By Chad Lodge 
July 17, 1998

G                    C
Driving down that ol's highway in a
G       C           D
1 ton pickup truck just looking back
on my past
G                          C
still don't know what I'm doing here
G                               C            D
but there's just something in life that I realize
and I can't discize that I'm

G          C             G                  C
Backin' down not looking back just feelin' the
                   D   C
ground movin' over me can you see 
G            C
don't think I'm leavin' her but
G                C                            D
still there is something that you all should know
but I don't know why
I'm backin' down

G            C               G                C
Lastnight I told her that I can't stand us fighting'
          D        C
like we always do ain't no use
G                    C               G
she told me that I don't care that somehow were
C                        D    C
gonna have to word this out ain't no doupt

so I'm


 Copywrited to Chad Lodge Entertainment

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Lodge Chad Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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