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Skynyrd Lynyrd, Gimme Three Steps Chords

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Skynyrd Lynyrd - Gimme Three Steps (Chords)

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                        E                     A
he was looking for you know who.
          D                         D
He said "Hey there fellow with the hair coloured yellow,
G                      E
    watcha tryin' to proove?
				  D                        D
Cuz' this is my woman there and I'm a man who cares
          A                D
and this might be all for you"
(I said "excuse me!")

        D                 D
I was scared and fearing for my life
  A                        A
shaking like a leaf on a tree
             D               D
Cuz' he was lean and mean and big and bad, Lord,
 E                    A
pointing that gun at me
         D                       D
I said "wait a minute mister, I didn't even kiss her,
G                               E
    don't want no trouble with you
		  D                          D
and I know you don't owe me but I wish you would let me
 A                   D
ask one favour from you:

               D                   D
Say won't you Gimme 3 steps, gimme 3 steps mister,
      A                   A
gimme 3 steps toward the door?
 D                   D
Gimme 3 steps, gimme 3 steps mister
            A               D
and you'll never see me no more."

(Guitar solo)

             D                         D
O well the crowd cleared away and I began to pray
         A                       A
and the water fell down to the floor
         D                   D
and I'm telling you, son, it ain't no fun,
           E                    A
staring straight down a fourty-four.
          D                      D
Well, he turned and screamed at Linda Lou,
                 G                  E
and that's the break I was looking for
               D                   D
and you could hear me screaming a mile away
          A                     D
as I was headed out toward the door.

 D                   D
Gimme 3 steps, gimme 3 steps mister,
      A                   A
gimme 3 steps toward the door?
 D                   D
Gimme 3 steps, gimme 3 steps mister
            A               D
and you'll never see me no more."

( I'm gonna get the hell out of Dodge)


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