Delbert Mcclinton, When Rita Leaves Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Delbert Mcclinton, When Rita Leaves Tabs, Chords

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Delbert Mcclinton - When Rita Leaves (Chords)

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           E                                              B7
She left a lipstick letter on the mirror shattered on the bathroom floor
B7                                                E
All I could put back together was never see me no more
E                                E7         A                    F#m
Took all her clothes but one red dress, the one she knew I liked best
E                               B7                            E
All I could do was clean up the mess and wonder where she had gone

I had a pale blue, rag top Mustang, 1964
She drove it off into the night till it just wouldn't go no more
She caught a ride on into town, bought some gas and laid the top down
Then she burned that pony to the ground on the desert in New Mexico

          B7             E
When Rita leaves, Rita's gone
    B7                               E
She gave me every chance a man could want
I've never known a love so strong
      E                          A
Or so crazy when she's been done wrong
          B7             E 
When Rita leaves, Rita's gone


I put a call into her mamasita back in El Paso
She said she got the story from Rita on her way to Mexico
Her mama knew I was takin it hard, she said she was sorry about my car
She said" Your lucky all she broke was your heart, you better just let her go"


She never gave me a chance to explain
Well I guess it doesn't much matter now anyway
When Rita leaves, Rita's gone
When Rita leaves, Rita's gone 

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