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Lori McKenna, I'm Not Crazy Chords

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Lori McKenna - I'm Not Crazy (Chords)

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Capo VII

Intro: (D)(G)(D)(G)

(A)Well, I can fall in love
In the middle of the (G)afternoon
With the (Bm)TV blarin'
(A)In the very next (G)room

(A)I can fall in love again
At the end of a (G)ragin' fight
The (Bm)kind that keeps us
(A)Stayin' up all (G)night

But baby, I'm not (D)crazy
I just (G)love the way you look at me
Baby, I'm not (D)crazy
I (G)just expect ecstasy
And I'm (Bm)trying not to take
Every(A)thing to the ex(G)treme
I'm wide awake and you're still my dream
Baby, I'm not (D)crazy (G)

(A)Sometimes I hear a voice
Telling me that you're the (G)only one
And I'd be (Bm)nothing but a fool
If I (A)let this all come un(G)done

(A)Every now and then
I see the vision of a (G)perfect man
When you (Bm)turn around
And (A)smile like you under(G)stand


(Bm)There's a dull sweetness in this life of ours
(A)Pretty as graffiti
And I'm (Bm)dancin' without any music on
But you're the (A)only one who sees (G)me


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