Ken Mellons, Workin' For The Weekend Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ken Mellons, Workin' For The Weekend Tabs, Chords

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Ken Mellons - Workin' For The Weekend (Chords)

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Ken Mellons
1994, Sony Music

Intro: (E5) (E5) (E5) (E5)

Well it's a (E5) Monday mornin'
And I'm already watchin' the clock
I just got started
And I'm already ready to (B5) stop
By (E5) Wednesday I'll be movin' slow
My (A5) get up might not get up and go
But I'll (E5) be ok when that (B5) Friday whistle (E5) blows 

 Workin' for the (A) weekend all week (E) long
 Waitin' to wind up in some honky tonk
 (F#) Listenin' to a country (B) song
 I'll have some (E) money to spend on my girlfriend
 When Friday comes a rollin' (A) in
 I'm workin' for the (E) weekend
 (B) Workin' for the (E) weekend (NC)


I pull a forty hour week every week plus some overtime
That big boss man keeps a pushin' me to the line
I keep a workin' hard every day
I give an honest day's work
For an honest day's pay
And by the end of the week
I know I'll have it made in the shade 

Repeat Chorus

 I'm workin' for the (E) weekend
 (B) Workin' for the (E) weekend (NC)

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