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Michael O'Neal Band, Bury Me With Soldiers Chords

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Michael O'Neal Band - Bury Me With Soldiers (Chords)

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Michael O'Neal

Em                                                   G  
I've played a lot of roles in life I've met a lot of men
D                                                         Em     
I've done a lot of things I'd like to think I wouldn't do again. 
Em                                                        G
And though I'm young, I'm old enough To know someday I'll die. 
D                                          Em
And to think about what lies beyond, Beside whom I would lie. 

Em                                               G  
Perhaps it doesn't matter much Still if I had my choice
D                                                                  Em            
I'd want a grave 'mongst Soldiers when At last death quells my voice. 
Em                                           G
I'm sick of the hypocrisy Of lectures of the wise. 
D                                                                   Em                                                                    
I'll take the man, with all the flaws, Who goes, though scared, and dies. 

Em                                                      G                                 
The troops I knew were commonplace They didn't want the war 
D                                                       Em
They fought because their fathers and Their fathers had before. 
Em                                                           G
They cursed and killed and wept... God knows They're easy to deride... 
D                                                       Em
But bury me with men like these They faced the guns and died. 

Em                                              G
It's funny when you think of it, The way we got along. 
D                                                           Em
We'd come from different worlds To live in one where no one belongs
Em                                                    G 
I didn't even like them all and I'm sure they'd would agree. 
D                                                      Em
Yet I would give my life for them, I know some did for me. 

Em                                                          G
So bury me with soldiers, please, Though much maligned they be. 
D                                            Em
Yes, bury me with soldiers, for I miss their company. 
Em                                                                G
We'll not soon see their likes again 'cause we've had our fill of war. 
D                                                     Em                  
But bury me with men like them Till someone else does more.

I'm not certain if Michael is saying maligned or mangled or what near the end.
Otherwise, I think it's all there.

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  1. Michael O'Neal Band - Bury Me With Soldiers Chords
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