Robert Mitchum, Little Old Wine Drinker Me Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Robert Mitchum, Little Old Wine Drinker Me Tabs, Chords

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Robert Mitchum - Little Old Wine Drinker Me (Chords)

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Robert Mitchum was filming "Thunder Road" in Bristol, Tennesee and someone 
got the idea to do a couple of songs.
He did this one and the theme song from Thunder Road with moderate success.

                        Little Old Wind Drinker Me

I'm [A] praying for the [D] rain in Cali-[A] fornia,
So the grapes can grow and they can make more [E7] wine.
And I'm [A] sitting in a [D] Honky in Chi-[A] cago,
With a broken heart and a [E7] woman on my [A] mind.


I matched the [E7] man behind the bar for the [A] jukebox,
And the music takes me back to Tennessee. [E7]
When they [A] ask, "who's the [D] fool in the [A]corner, 
[D] crying,"
I say, [A] "Little old [E7] wine drinker [A] me."

Well, I came here last week from down in Nashville,
'Cause my baby left  for Flor'da on a train,
I thought I'd get a job, and just forget her,
But in Chicago, a broken heart is still the same.

Repeat Chorus>>>

Submitted by Dave Stark

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Mitchum Robert Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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