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Craig Morgan, I Guess You Had To Be There Chords

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Craig Morgan - I Guess You Had To Be There (Chords)

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                I GUESS YOU HAD TO BE THERE
Craig Morgan
11:35 AM 8/4/2008

Capo 3rd Fret

Intro: (D) (D) (D) (D)

(D) Storm blew a tree down in my backyard
My axe wouldn’t cut it and my saw wouldn’t start
Good (Bm) excuse for a trip to the hardware store
To give that (G) little hottie workin’ a thrill de’ jour
I (D) know that she digs me ‘cause when I walked in
Here she come a runnin’ with a can I help you grin
Like a (Bm) puppy on a leash she followed me around
I left her (G) droolin’ at the mouth when (A) I walked out

  But I (Bm) guess (A) you (G) had (A) to (D) be there
  (Bm) To (A) bel(G)ieve (A) what I (D) saw
  Her (Bm) blue (A) eyes (G) glued (D) to my (E7) Liberty coveralls
  She didn’t have a (G) prayer
  (A) But I guess you had to (D) be there

I’m pretty sure she meant to drop that can of W.D.
So I could see her bend over in her tight blue jeans
I was eye to eye with Taz and a Tweety tattoo
Forced to play a little game of peek-a-boo
Then she led me down the aisle by the pipe and glue
Asked me if I had any plumbing to do
Hands planted firm on the curve of her hip
Looked to me like she was lookin’ for a little lip to lip

Repeat Chorus

Fiddle Solo

She even did that little finger thingy through her hair
Practically undressed me with her Playboy stare
I gave her back that look that she was lookin’ for
I think that she forgot that we was in that store

Repeat Chorus Twice 

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