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David Lee Murphy, Everytime I Get Around You 3 Chords

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David Lee Murphy - Everytime I Get Around You 3 (Chords)

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Every Time I Get Around You - David Lee Murphy
Album: Gettin' Out The Good Stuff
Written by: David Lee Murphy

/ = slide up   h = hammer on   p = pulloff

*play the A and D using your index finger to bar the 3 strings

        (D)       (A)             (G)      (A)

        (D)       (A)             (G)      (A)

      G                       A
I can feel those wheels start turnin' round honey
         G             A
When you walk into the room
    G                       A                  G    A
The rest of the world fades right off into the blue
     G                 A
Yeah I'm off the ground up in the clouds
G                     A
Not sure which one I'm on
   G                         A
And I couldn't tell you what day it was baby
G                    A
Not when your in my arms, cause honey

D               A                G                 A
I forget about everything every time I get around you
D                       A             G                A
Girl it's like I got a one track mind, all I want to do
G                  A
Is stare into those big brown eyes
G                     A
It's almost like I'm hypnotized
G            A
Every time, every time I get around you

D  A  G  A  (same lead notes as intro)

      G                A
You'd think by now I'd learn somehow
G                    A
To keep it under control
    G                               A                 G   A
But girl your the kind that makes a man just wanna let go
        G                      A
I don't care about nothing but your sweet loving
     G                   A
When you look at me that way
G                   A
Sometimes when I'm holding you tight
G                    A
I can't remember my name, cause honey


D  A  G  A (x2)


Outro: same as intro, repeat to fade

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