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Kurt Nilsen, Ill Forget You Chords

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Kurt Nilsen - Ill Forget You (Chords)

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                "I'll Forget You" by Kurt Nilsen

e ---|---|-x-|---|---|
B ---|---|-x-|---|---|
G ---|---|---|---|---|
D ---|---|---|---|---|
A ---|-x-|---|---|---|
E ---|-x-|---|---|---|

e ---|---|-x-|---|---|
B ---|---|-x-|---|---|
G ---|---|---|---|---|
D ---|---|---|---|---|
A ---|---|---|---|---|
E ---|-x-|---|---|---|

G                              Cadd9
You dared to tell me I'll forget you 
G                              Cadd9
And I wont need you like I always have 
G       G*               Cadd9
That you'll come to be a memory 
Em7 – Am			D
That fades away, that turns to grey 

G                                     Cadd9
I know that there's no sense in looking back 
G                        Cadd9
There’s no point in hanging on 
G        G*                   Cadd9
So over and over I will let you go 
Em7-Am                 D
But you will not be gone 

Cadd9             Em7 – G**
I'll forget you everyday 
Cadd9                Em7 – G**
All the time in every place 
Cadd9                 Em7 – G**
One thing will never change 
I'll forget you, everyday 

Em-D-Am  -  x2

Your like a rock that I push up a hill 
Knowing that it will tumble right back down again 
Like a man that walks against the stream 
He never quits, I'll never quit

Cadd9               Em7 – G**
I'll forget you everyday
Cadd9                 Em7 – G**
All the time in every place 
Cadd9                  Em7 – G**
See you in a strangers face
Cadd9                  Em7 – G**
Erase you from my mind 
Cadd9                 Em7 – G**
I got better things to do
Cadd9  -  -
I'll forget you

Am                                     Em
Every night I close my eyes and go to sleep 
                        Em            D
Every night the same, oh you come to me 
Am                           Em
It's like a nightmare, oh such a sweet, sweet dream 
Em                         D – Dsus4
That won't go away, won't go away

I'll forget you everyday, all the time in every place 
See you in a strangers face, erase you from my mind 
I got better things to do, than to remember you 
one thing will never change, I'll forget you everyday

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