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No Justice, Three Verses Chords

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No Justice - Three Verses (Chords)

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E C#m B A 
        E       C#m                    B A   E 
Three verses a song in remembrance of you.  Every time I think of it, I  
 C#m                               B A  E                    C#m                        B  A 
wonder if it?s the all  that I can do. Some say I?m gifted, others say I?m wasting my time.  
        E                                      C#m                        B    A 
But it heals the soul to hear the sound of an instrument and a voice combined. 

       E         C#m                 B  A  E        C#m                         B          A 
 Can you hear the words I?m singin, can you feel, feel the sounds I?m playin, oh, oh can  
you feel the sounds I?m playin.      
         E        C#m                         B   A                    E 
 Three verses to keep your head from falling apart, cause you know sometimes life will  
                  C#m                               B  A                 E 
get you down, but God will always deal you a lucky card.  So won?t you follow all your  
             C#m                     B  A                   E                       C#m 
instincts. Someone?s always by your side, cause there are angles all among us to cushion  
                         B     A 
your soul on this bumpy ride. 
         E       C#m                   B A          E                          C#m 
 Three Verses a song in remembrance of me, well I didn?t join the army, but I tried to be  
                      B A   E                         C#m                        B  A 
the best that I could be. Those of you who doubted, I did my best to prove you wrong.  
        E                                 C#m                          B   A 
Now I leave for you the lyrics of three verses, and the memory of my song, the memory  
of my song.

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