James Otto, These Are The Good Old Days Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

James Otto, These Are The Good Old Days Tabs, Chords

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James Otto - These Are The Good Old Days (Chords)

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F                    C                F
Im wastin half of my life just lookin back
                  C                      F
Thinkin all of my good times were in the past
                  C                    G
Aint no joy to be found livin life like that

I couldnt feel the sunshine on my face
Everywhere that Id go Id feel out of place
Finally figured out Id never win that race
Now Im amazed to find

F                       C
These are the good ole days that weve been livin
F              C
No more lookin back all is forgivin
F                   C                       G
Aint gonna live my life through no picture frame
G(let ring)
These are the good ole days

Seems like people get lost talkin bout some day
Something better will come and take them away
Never realize til its too late

Its the simple things that make life worthwhile
Like a warm summer day or a laughin child
Or how it makes me feel just to see you smile
Baby you know its true


These are the good ole days 

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