Buck Owens, Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Buck Owens, Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye Tabs, Chords

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Buck Owens - Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye (Chords)

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written by Buck Owens and Red Simpson
G                      D7
Hurt me as much as you want to 
If tears make you happy then I'll cry
Do anything that you want to 
    D7                     G
But don't ever tell me goodbye
Break my heart if that brings pleasure 
And take the twinkle from my eyes
Do anything that you want to 
    D7                     G
But don't ever tell me goodbye
      C           D7      G
Don't tell me goodbye whatever you do 
    A7                      D7
For I just couldn't live if I ever lost you
G                          D7
Tell our friends that it's all over 
Say that the fault was all mine

Do anything that you want to 
    D7                     G
But don't ever tell me goodbye
   D7                     G
Oh don't ever tell me goodbye

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