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Tillis Pam, All Of This Love Chords

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Tillis Pam - All Of This Love (Chords)

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                All Of This Love
By Pam Tillis

         D           G       D      G
Have you ever seen a wild magnolia
D            G            D      G
There's only one place it grows
       D                  G         D         G
On the shady banks of the Tennessee River
D            G            D
Sheltered, untouched and alone
There's a place in my heart where nobody has been
And I keep it for you
There's a door to my dreams and one day you'll walk in
    D                      A
And until that day I'll be true

         D             G               D
'Cause I can't wait to see what you'll do
     G           D             A          D
With all of this love that I'm saving for you
            A D
All of this love
G                             D                   A D
Can't wait to see what you'll do with all of this love
G           D             A          D
All of this love that I'm saving for you

Do you ever feel the ache and the hunger
And do you look for me too
Sometimes at night when I lie awake and I wonder
Shadows of doubt fill my room
And the darkness falls and I stare at the walls 'til you come into view
And I picture your face and the time and the place
You're a dream waiting to come true


All of this love that I'm saving for you
All of this love that I'm saving for you 

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