Gene Parsons, Drunkards Dream Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gene Parsons, Drunkards Dream Tabs, Chords

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Gene Parsons - Drunkards Dream (Chords)

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Gene Parsons    Drunkard's Dream  written  by Carter Stanley

G                              G7
Oh Edmund you look so pleasant now
     C                     G
Your clothes look neat and clean
  C                 G
I haven't seen you drink a drop
             D            G
Pray tell me where you've been

G                                G7
Your wife and children, are they well?
    C                  G
You used to treat them strange
    C              G
But are you kinder to them now?
              D     G
How came this happy change?


G                         G7
I had a dream, a warning dream
     C              G
That heaven sent to me
   C              G
It warned me of a drunkard's curse
           D   G
Of woe and misery
   C               G
It warned me of a drunkard's curse
           D      G
And made a man of me

         	  From The Kindling LP
                  1973 Warner Brothers Records

Parsons Gene Tabs & Chords

Parsons Gene Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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