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, To Her Door Tabs, Chords

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- To Her Door (Chords)

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This is my first post, and im gonna post a few more of Paul Kelly. If anyone has
comments etc. (I hope this works properly)

G D C G 

G 	  	 D 	 C 	  	 G
They got married early, never had no money

G 	  	 D 	  	 C 	  	 G
Then when he got laid off, they really hit the skids

G 	  	     D 	  	 C 	  	 G
he started off his drinkin, then they started fighting

G 	  	     D 	  	 C 	  	 G
he took it pretty badly, she took both the kids

 	    Em 	  	 D 	 C 	  	 D
she said "im not standin by, to watch you slowly die,

 	  	 C   D 	  	 G 	 D
so watch me walkin, out the door"

 	 C    G 	  	 D   C
out the door, out the door, out the door 
**(this part has different lyrics on the album)**

**(The next two verses are the same, and the ending goes like this)**

D 	 Em 	  	 D    C 	  	  	  	 D
to her, shaking in his seat, riding through the streets

 	 C     D G  	 D
in a silvertop, to her door

 	 C  G 	 * 	 D 	 C 	 G
to her door, to her door, to her door.

* There is 2 bars of G here, listen to the music.

G D C G 
(to fade)

**(Heres the lyrics that were missed out)**

She went to her brothers, got a little bar work
He went to the buttery, stayed about a year
Then he wrote a letter, said i wanna see ya
She thought he sounded better, she sent him up the fare.

He was riding through the cane, in the pouring rain
On Olympic, to her door, to her door, to her door.
(And his heart was singing like a low down guitar)

He came in on a sunday, every muscle achin
walkin in slow motion, like he'd just been hit
did they have a future? would he know his children?
He tried to paint a picture, and get them all to fit

He was shaking in his seat, riding through the streets
In a Silvertop, to her door. He was... 

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