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Kellie Pickler, One Of The Guys Chords

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Kellie Pickler - One Of The Guys (Chords)

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                Capo 3rd. Fret

Intro: G

Every single day it's the same old thing 
Wake up every morning do the same routine 
Paint my nails and get my hair to curl 
Lord it's hard being a girl 
I love getting all dressed up to the nines 
         G                               G
But sometimes it's fun to be one of the guys 


C                                             G
Somethin' bout old blue jeans and a baseball cap 
Fellas I get it and I admit it 
It just don't get any better than that 
   C                                        G
Chicken wings, NASCAR, and football Monday nights 
                      Dm             G 
Sometimes it's fun to be one of the guys 

I like to put my hair up in a ponytail 
Climb up in a pickup and just raise some hell 
Have a four-wheelin mind boggling real good time 
Then go home and play poker all night long 
I still love chick flicks a real good cry 
         G                               G 
But sometimes it's fun to be one of the guys 

(Repeat Chorus


(Repeat Chorus)

 G                    Dm             G
Sometimes it's fun to be one of the guys

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