Webb Pierce, New Panhandle Rag Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Webb Pierce, New Panhandle Rag Tabs, Chords

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Webb Pierce - New Panhandle Rag (Chords)

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This is the work of Tim Ausburn  
Tune, Leon McAuliffe  Words, Webb Pierce

"New" Panhandle Rag   Key of D

(D) I was ramblin' through (D7) a Texas (G) border (D) town,
Just another (A7) guy with plenty of (D) time,
She was wanderin' too, (D7) when her (G) eye caught (D) mine,
In the Panhandle (A7) town, along the border (D) line.


(D7) Well the (G) night was cold and dreary,
And the rain that was a-fallin' sure was fallin' (D) fast, (D7)
And (G) I was gettin' leery, for I'd left another dearie,
In a (A7) town I'd passed;
But I'll (D) never roam, (D7) from this (G) border (D) town,
'Cause I married that (A7) gal, and then we settled (D) down.

Instrumental break:

Repeat bridge:

Tag: (D) 'Cause I married that (A7) gal, and then we settled (D) down.

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