, Snowman In Birmingham Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Snowman In Birmingham Tabs, Chords

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- Snowman In Birmingham (Chords)

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Snowman In Birmingham by the Pirates of the Mississippi

G  D 	  	     C9      D
My fathers name was Joseph   

He was a carpentar by trade

As a kid all I ever wanted

Was something he could never make
Am7   G/B          C9
White Christmas in Alabama 
G    D           C9
Only happened on TV
Am7        G/B                    C9
Daddy said son if you really want one 
Am7             G/B      D
Just close your eyes and dream

     G   D      C9          D
Of a Snowman In Birmingham
G   D                   C9
And I'll build him with you
Am7        G/B               C9          D
A dreams a gift of hope that heart gives
Am7         G/B            D     Dsus  D
And now and then one comes true

G       D               C9        D
Driving home its a cold December

First time I'd been back in years

Knowing dad ain't going to be there

Looking out the window thru my tears
Am7        G/B                  C9
Wishing to God that I could see him
G         D                 C9
And say I love you one more time
Am7        G/B           C9
Snowflakes falling on my windshield
Am7   G/B              D
And I can't believe my eyes

         G   D      C9         D
Theres a Snowman In Birmingham
G     D                C9  
Dad I know you see him too
He's got a carrot nose
And you old brown hat
Am7              G/B              C9      D
I guess the grandkids dressed him up like that
         G  D      C9          D
Theres a Snoman in Birmingham
G D          C9    D
A miracle in white
         G   D      C9
Theres a Snowman in Birmingham
      G     D     C9    D   G    End


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