Chuck Prophet, What it Takes Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Chuck Prophet, What it Takes Tabs, Chords

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Chuck Prophet - What it Takes (Chords)

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Intro G C C* C G

(G)For the fools gold and (C)sunsets on your million dollar (C)view(C*)
I(G) think it's (D/F#)time you (Em)figured (Am)out (C)just who you're talkin' to(D).

(G)Said he worked you like a (C)slave(C*)
(G)Staked you like a claim(C)
(G)Tided you to his (D/F#)dreams with a (Em)guitar (Am)string
(C)Stood back and took his aim(D)

I (Em)just call 'em like I see 'em(G)
(Em)But I'm not tryin' to start any war(G)
(Am)Baby (G)you ain't got (D)what it takes anymore(Em)

Here we go again, I see ya came to throw me a bone
I'm tryin' to catch up on my sleep and you call me on the telephone

Well I here ya just got back from Paris 
Minus your boyfriend Desjours
Baby you know what it takes anymore?

(Here I go) guitar solo

Yes it's a very tempting offer 
But I'm too old to sleep on the floor
Baby you ain't got what it takes anymore

Well ya haunt the same old places
And ya make the same old rowt
I seen ya down at the mall with your dad and your little sister's hand-me-down

Yeah you've been drinkin' from a thimble 
And eating off of the floor
Baby you ain't got what it takes anymore

How many times do I have to tell ya
I've told you already before
You ain't got what it takes anymore

C* x32013  

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Prophet Chuck Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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