Jim Reeves, Adios Amigo Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jim Reeves, Adios Amigo Tabs, Chords

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Jim Reeves - Adios Amigo (Chords)

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Adios Amigo by Jim Reeves
Slow waltz in 3/4 time
Here's how I strum it...
Adi[G]os Amigo, Adios My [D7]Friend
The Road we have travelled
Has Come To An [G]End
When Two Love The Same Love
One [C]Love Has to [G]Lose
And it's [D7]you who she [G]longs for
It's [A7]You She Will [D]Choose.

Adi[G]os Compadre, What must be must [D7]be
Remember To Name One Muchacho for [G]me
I Ride To The Rio,
Where My [C]Life, I Will [G]Spend,
Adi[D7]os A[G]migo, Adi[D]os My [G]Friend.

Adi[G]os Compadre Let Us Shed No [D7]Tears
May All Your Mananas Bring Joy Through The [G]Years
Away From These Memories,
My [C]Life I must [G]Spend
Adi[D7]os A[G]migo, Adi[D]os My [G]Friend.

[Thanks to Max Fillmore for tabs]

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Reeves Jim Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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