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Marty Robbins, Masters Call 2 Chords

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Marty Robbins - Masters Call 2 (Chords)

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Not sure who wrote this song. I've heard it done by Marty Robbins and also
Don Edwards. It is a great song.
C                                             Am
When I was but a young man, wild and full of fire
C                                                    Am
A youth within my teens but full of challenge and desire
C                                                    Am
I ran away from home, and left my mother and my dad
F                                                                  G
How it grieved them so to think, that there only boy was bad
C                                                      Am
I fell in with an outlaw bunch, there names were known quite well
C                                                                Am
How many times we robbed and plundered I could never tell
C                                                    Am
This kind of sinful living will lead only to a fall
F                                                                G
I learned that much and more, the night I heard my master call
C                                            Am
One night we rustled cattle, a thousand head or so
C                                                     Am
And started them out on the trail that leads to mexico
G                                                 C
When a norther started blowin, and lightning flashed about
Am                                                F
I thought someone was callin me, I thought I heard a shout
C                                                             Am
And at that moment lightning struck not twenty yards from me
C                                                           Am
And left there was a giant cross where once there'd been a tree
G                                                  C
This time I know I heard a voice, a voice so sweet and plain
Am                                                   F
A voice that came from everywhere, a voice that called my name
C                                                     Am
So frightened I was thinking of the sinful deeds I'd done
C                                                       Am
I failed to see the thousand head of cattle start to run
C                                                      Am
The cattle they stampeded and were runnin all around
F                                                    G
My pony ran but stumbled,  and he threw me to the ground
C                                      Am
I felt the end was nearin,  that death would be the price
C                                                              Am
When a mighty bolt of lightning showed the face of Jesus Christ
G                                                C
And I cried oh lord forgive me, don't let it happen now
Am                                       F                        Am
I want to live for you alone, god these words I vow
C                                      Am
My wicked life unfolded, and I thought of wasted years
C                                                          Am
When another bolt of lightning killed a hundred head of steers
G                                                 C
And the others rushed on by me, but I was left to live
Am                                              F                  Am
The master had a reason life was his to take or give
C                                                Am
A miracle performed that night, I wasn't meant to die
C                                                    Am
The dead ones formed a barricade, least six or seven high
C                                                Am
And right behind it there was I, afraid but safe and sound
F                                                            G
I cried and begged for mercy  then and there upon the ground
C                                     Am
A pardon I was granted, my sinful soul set free
C                                                 Am
No more to fear the angry waves upon lifes stormy seas
C                                        Am
Forgiven by a love of god, a love that will remain
F                                                      G
I gave my life and soul the night the savior called my name
F                                                       G
Am        C
I gave my life and soul the night the savior called...... my.....

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