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Linda Ronstadt, Dont Cry Now Chords

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Linda Ronstadt - Dont Cry Now (Chords)

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Linda Ronstadt    Don't Cry Now         written by J.D. Souther

E                   A         E
If you've ever been taken for money
E                   A               E
If you've ever gone down with your pride
          C#m                 E
If you've ever stood up for a good friend and lost
    A             B         E         B
You know that the river is wide
       E           A             E
Like a painter who waits for the sunrise
                  A           E
With a picture in both of his hands
          C#m                         E
It's like part of your life is all ready begun
          A        B           E         B
With something you don't understand
E     B    C#m B   A     B    E       B
Don't cry now oh   don't cry now
E     B   C#m  B   A    B     E            B
Don't cry now  no  no   don't cry
            E       A           E
When you're lying alone in the night time
                    A         E
And your lonliness turns into fear
         C#m                   E
WIth the words of your memory fading and fading
         A        B        E         B
You drowned in  a river of tears
       E             A              E
If you never thought much about freedom
                        A              E
You might find yourself caught in some door
        C#m                    E
If somebody you love more than your whole world
                A               B               E  B
And you've been weeping but you don't know what for
E     B    C#m B   A     B    E       B
Don't cry now oh   don't cry now
E     B   C#m  B   A    B     E
Don't cry now  no  no   don't cry

From Linda Ronstadt  "Don't Cry Now"
Asylum Records 1974

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