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Leon Russell, A Song For You Chords

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Leon Russell - A Song For You (Chords)

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This was requested in the newsletter, it was written by Leon Russell.
Dan Mooney - Portland, Oregon

A Song For You

[Am]I've been so many places in my [E7]life and time, [F#m7-5]I've sung a
lot of songs, I've made some bad rhyme, I've [F]acted out my life in
[Em7]stages, with [Dm7]ten thousand people [Em7]watching, [Dm7]but we're
alone now, [Em7]and I'm [F]singing this song for [C]you.

[Am]I know your image of me is what I [E7]hope to be, [C]I treated you
unkindly, [F#m7-5]but darling can't you see, there's [F]no one more
important [Em7]to me, [Dm7]baby can't you please see [Em7]through me,
[Dm7]cause we're alone now   [Em7]and I'm [F]singing this song for [C]you.

[Am]You taught me precious [E7]secrets of the [C]truth with holding
[F#m7-5]nothing, [F]you came out in [G]front when I was [C]hiding, [Em7]but
[Am]now I'm so much [E7]better, and if my [C]words don't come
[F#m7-5]together, [F]listen to the [Em7]melody, cause my [Dm7]love is in
there [G7]hiding.

[Am]I love you in a place where there's no [E7]space or time, [C]I love you
for my [F#m7-5]life, you are a friend of mine, [F]and when my life is
[Em7]over, [Dm7]remember when we were [Em7]together, [Dm7]we were alone
[Em7]and I was [F]singing this song for [C]you.

[Dm7]We were [Em7]alone and I was [F]singing this song for [C]you.

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  1. Russell Leon - A Song For You Chords
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