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Granger Smith, Silverado Bench Seat Chords

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Granger Smith - Silverado Bench Seat (Chords)

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                (Capo on 1)

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A) | x 2

(G) Girl, you (D)shine like a (A) brand new (Bm)dime
Like a (G) song in (D)rhyme I can (A)sing to
(G) I bet them (D)boy'd all (A) stand in (Bm)line
So they (G) can take you (D)out and try to (A)win you

(G) My boots and (D)jeans don't (A) go so (Bm)well
With a (G) white table (D)cloth in a (A)ritzy hotel
(G) No, I'm (D)used to much (A)simpler (Bm)things
So (G) baby, climb (D)on in this truck, (A) I'll show you what I mean

(G) I wanna (D)love you on a (A)Silverado (Bm)bench seat
(G) Fogging up the (D)windows while we're (A)far down by the creek
(G) No other (D)light beside the (A)stars and the (B m)moon
(G)That's what you (D)get when this (A)country boy loves you

Solo:  |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A) |

(G) A girl like (D)you is (A) just so (Bm)pretty
(G) You've (D)been winding down all (A)over this town
(G) I wanna (D)take you (A) far from the (Bm)city
(G) Back on up a (D)back road (A) and watch the sun go down.

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A) | x 2

And we'll see (Em) around midnight (F#m) if the sky is right
(G) How the water starts (A)dancing in the moonlight
(Em) If you want a (F#m)country boy loving you
(G) (A) And girl, I know you do

Repeat Chorus

(G) (D) (A) (Bm) Hmm, (G) (D) (A) when this (Bm)country boy (G)loves (D) you
(A) On that (Bm)Silverado (G)bench seat (D) (A) (Bm) (D) ----

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