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- My Name Is Money (Chords)

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My Name Is Money
Written & Recorded by Sonia Leigh

Intro.:  |(C)(E)|(F)(G)| x 3

(C) I can make a woman (E)weak, I can (F)make a small man stand (G)tall
(C) I can start (E) wars and I can (F)put an end to them all (G)
(C) I can (E)chain you down and (F)I can set you (G)free
(C) I can make you (E)feel so high and (F)bring you down to your knees (G)

My name is (C)Money, (E) (F) (G)Money is my (C)name (E) (F)
Well hel-(G)lo, my name is (C)Money, (E) (F) (G)Money is my (C)name (E) (F) (G)

(C) I can make it (E)rain on you, but (F)Lord, I sure do (G) shine
(C) I can bring you (E)love, but I'm (F)not the settle down kind (G)
(C) I can make your (E)eyes light up, put a (F)dazzle in your smile, (G) yeah
(C) I can make you (E) die for me with-(F)out a question (G)why

My name is (C)Money, (E) (F) (G)Money is my (C)name (E) (F)
Well hel-(G)lo, my name is (C)Money (E) (F)
Oh yeah, (G)Money is my (C)name, (E) (F) oh (G)yea, yea, yeah

Inst.:  |(C)(E)|(F)(G)| x 4

(Am) I can show you who your friends are, I can (F)show you who they are (G)not
Hey, (Am) I change your mind with-(F)out a second (G)thought

My name is (C)Money, (E) (F) oh yeah, (G)Money is my (C)name (E) (F)
All the (G)pretty girls think it's (C)sexy (E) (F)
When the (G)rich boys say my (C)name, (E) (F)yeah, yeah, yeah

Hel-(G)lo, my name is (C)Money, (E) (F) oh yeah, (G)Money is my (C)name (E) (F)
Well hel-(G)lo, my name is (C)Money, (E) (F) yeah, (G)Money is my (C)name (E) (F)

Hel-(G)lo, my name is (C)Money, hel-(E)lo, hel-(F)lo
Oh yeah, (G)Money, that's my (C)name, (E)say my name (F)
Oh, won't you (G)say my name, (C) I wanna hear you (E)say my name (F) (G)

Outro.:  |(C)(E)|(F)(G)| --- repeat to fade

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