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Jim Stafford, A Real Good Time Chords

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Jim Stafford - A Real Good Time (Chords)

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                A Real Good Time
By Jim Stafford

I just got into town and I didn't have nothing to do
When I happened upon this telephone booth
       B7                                         E     B7 E
With a whole bunch of writing covering one entire wall
It said if you ain't afraid to spend a dime
And if you want to have a real good time
B7                  E    B  E
Just give Lucille a call

Underneath her name was this big long list
It said she'd do that and she'd do this
Well I let my fingers do the walking through all kinds of stuff I've missed
I shuffled through my pockets and I found myself a dime
I heard a ring or two and I got her on the line
And I said Lucille, I'd like to have a real good time

                   B7                           E
Might have found a lover, might have made a new friend
                   F#                                B7
Well I ain't had a real good time since I don't know when

She said who are you and what is this
I said this is Jim, Lucille and its about this list
Which I began to read with particular emphasis
All my favorite numbers 1, 5, 11, 14, 22, 33 and 41 through 59
She said where are you  and I gave her the street
You sound like the kind of man I'd just love to meet
Stay right where you are and I promise you a real good time


'Bout fifteen minutes after my arrest
In the middle of a question, I tried to protest
That I wasn't that phantom obscene phone caller or master of crime
Well they took me away and allowed me one call
And I recalled that number on the phone booth wall
And I said Lucille, me and you got an altogether different idea about a real good time!

Chorus 2:
I lost my lover, I lost my new friend
well you can't have a real good time doing one to ten (doing one to ten) 

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