Joe Stampley, Everyday I Have To Cry Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Joe Stampley, Everyday I Have To Cry Tabs, Chords

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Joe Stampley - Everyday I Have To Cry (Chords)

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Everyday I Have To Cry
By Joe Stampley

      G            Em         Am
There was a little girl I had planned to marry
            D       G    
This was my love, I didnít want to share it
               Em                 Am
I thought that love would make my life bright and sunny
                      D               G
She said she couldnít love me cause I didnít have no money

G       Em            Am 
So everyday I have to cry some
     D             G
Everyday I have to cry some
        Em            Am
Dry the water from my eye some
     D             G
Everyday I have to cry

I had me a girl, I guess I really loved her
Every night I was thinkiní of her
But you canít mix love with money
Cause if you do itís gonna hurt somebody


Lord I know that Iím just a poor man
But is it wrong to love cause Iím not a rich man
Every time you mix love with money
Every time it hurts somebody


Stampley Joe Tabs & ChordsStampley Joe Lyrics

Stampley Joe Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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