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Red Steagall, 2 Pairs Of Levis Chords

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Red Steagall - 2 Pairs Of Levis (Chords)

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Title:   2 pairs of levi's
performer:  Red Steagall
Transcriber: Kevin Bradbeary

[D]Now me and Ernie Taylor we left [G]Denver yesterday
We's a [D]haulin his ol' scorpion horse [A7]home
By the [D]time we reached my cattle guard well [G]it was plain to see
that [D]everything I [A7]had at home was [D]gone.
(vs. 2)

[D]She didn't leave a note for me [G]sayin where she'd gone
but she aint [D]comin back cause she closed all the [A7]gates
After [D]7 years of rodeo she's [G]finally turned me out
I [D]reckon she's had [A7]all that she can [D]take


Cause [G]all that woman [A7]left me was [D]one grass rope 
and the [G]trophy saddle [A7]that I'll never [D]ride
[G]Two pairs of [A7]levi's and a [D]pair of Justin boots
She left [G]them cause [A7]neither one's her [D]size.

(vs. 3)
She warned me a hundred times some day she'd leave
she'd take every single thing that she could find
I don't mind her takin everything that she calls hers
But dern it I dont like her takin mine.

What the heck I got me two more rodeos to make this week
it's a long way to haul that horse of mine
And I know they'll throw a dance up in red lodge 
Friday night and they'll be a sweet thing
to take her off my mind.

(Repeat Chorus)

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