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- Only One You (Chords)

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Only One You
By T. G. Sheppard

Em                        Am
Iíve seen this world from corner to corner
      D                                 Em
There ainít much ground that I havenít covered
Iíve drank itís wine, Iíve tasted itís pleasures
     D                                    Em
Iíve known some loves and Iíve known some lovers
Am                           G
If thereís one lesson in the liviní Iíve done
    Am                              Bb
The best things only come along in numbers of one

             Em                Am
Thereís only one Eiffel Tower, one finest hour
    D                  Em
One New York town, one 5th Avenue
        Em                      Am
Thereís only one Mona Lisa, one Leaning Tower Of Pisa
    D                          Em
One Paris and thereís only one you

Iíve been a king and Iíve been a pauper
And everything there is in between
I took some time to know what is timeless
But Iíve found and learned what that means
Iíd never leave you, girl, cause I know the catch
Wonders of this world only come with a match


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